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Atlantis: Dive to the Forgotten City

Tsunamis are ravaging the globe. The last diving team discovered ruins of an ancient civilization, but reported nothing of significance. You have an hour of oxygen. Can you discover a power strong enough to quiet the sea's rage? ​​

Group Size: 2-8 Players 

Difficulty: Hard

Undercover Escape the Safehouse Yakuza rebranding image for website.jpg

Undercover: Escape the Safehouse

After months spent undercover you are offered a promotion by the Yakuza leader, known only as The Serpent. You arrive at his lakeside safehouse but he's one step ahead of you. You are captured and handcuffed, with only one hour before he returns. Can you escape?

Group Size: 3-8 Players 

Difficulty: Medium


Outside In

OPEN NOW! Futuristic technology has allowed you to share a subconscious dream state with others. Your renowned team of psychologists must help someone overcome their deepest childhood fear. 

Group Size: 2-8 Players

Difficulty: Easy/Medium


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