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Teambuilding can be hard to organize in today's world. In remote work environments, getting the staff together for bonding activities is more important than ever, but you want to make sure your events are safe and isolated. We've got you covered.

  • All of our games are private, so you and your group will be the only ones in the games.

  • Up to 24 people can play simultaneously in our 3 highly reviewed experiences

  • Each escape room contains unique, distinct puzzles that allow different minds and personality types to shine and be recognized


Here’s a couple ideas to make your event a little extra special:

  • Call us ahead of time to set up a customized touch to the final puzzle, such as an engagement ring or baby announcement

  • Have dinner at one of our nearby food spots! We share a shopping center with Pho, Mexican, Thai, and Italian restaurants

  • Break up into teams, such as managers vs employees, girls vs guys, etc.


No matter what your event, we’ll work with you to make it unique and memorable.


Call or email today!

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