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Teambuilding can be hard to organize in today's world. In remote work environments, getting the staff together for bonding activities is more important than ever, but you want to make sure your events are safe and isolated. We've got you covered.

  • All of our games are private, so you and your group will be the only ones in the games.

  • Up to 24 people can play simultaneously in our 3 highly reviewed experiences

  • Each escape room contains unique, distinct puzzles that allow different minds and personality types to shine and be recognized


Here’s a couple ideas to make your event a little extra special:

  • Call us ahead of time to set up a customized touch to the final puzzle, such as an engagement ring or baby announcement

  • Have dinner at one of our nearby food spots! We share a shopping center with Pho, Mexican, Thai, and Italian restaurants

  • Break up into teams, such as managers vs employees, girls vs guys, etc.


No matter what your event, we’ll work with you to make it unique and memorable.


Call or email today!

  • I heard escape rooms are scary! Is it?
    None of our rooms will frighten you. Bring your grandma, you’ll all have fun.
  • We heard celebrities like Taylor Swift and Lebron James have played and loved it! Is that true?
    No. But I bet they would!
  • How much does it cost?
    Our 60min Experiences: $42 per person Our 75min Experience: $46 per person If you want to book for a group of 15 or more, please reach out to to inquire about our team building discount!
  • How many people can play?
    Each room accommodates up to 8 people. If you want a bigger group call us and we'll try to figure it out. If you’re an experienced escape artist, groups of 3-4 are probably ideal for our games.
  • I want to bring young kids, is that allowed?
    You want to be locked in a room for an hour with your own kids? It's an ESCAPE room. If you insist, yes, your kids would have a great time!
  • Wait, are we actually locked in a room?
    The Oceanside Fire Department mandates I say no to that question. All games have a clear exit that remains unlocked always.
  • Are games private or can strangers play with us?
    We can’t risk our reputation on others enjoying your company. It’s just you in there.
  • Why choose Top Tier Escape Rooms?
    We get it. If you’ve googled Escape Rooms there’s a lot of us! Head HERE to see what makes our games unique. We believe an escape room should be more than a collection of puzzles you find at the store. We transform every inch of our space, and your game follows a story with a compelling narrative and climactic ending. A dedicated team of gamers, designers, local artists, and software programmers devoted themselves to making a game that thrusts you into another world for a physical experience you just can’t find anywhere else.
  • When should we get there?
    Please arrive 15 minutes early to provide enough time for rules, waivers, restrooms, etc.
  • What if I’m late?
    Because we are appointment based and because each game is a private experience, we will have to start your game clock at your booking time. We do this to allow adequate time for our staff to reset the games for the group coming in after you.
  • Can I play your rooms after drinking?
    If any member of our staff observes that you or any member of your party are noticeably impaired from alcohol or any other substance, we reserve the right to deny entry without a refund.
  • Is there an age limit?
    Yes, anyone under the age of 15 must be accompanied by at least one adult for all of our games.
  • What if we can’t make it? Do we get a refund?
    If you cancel over 48 hours before your scheduled game, absolutely. If not, there are no refunds.
  • We need a space for our birthday party/bachelor(ette) party/corporate event. Does that work?
    Absolutely! We have great nearby food, awesome post-game pictures, and even a customized final puzzle for an unforgettable gender reveal, engagement, birthday, etc. Just send an email to or call us at 760.536.3193
  • I have a question you didn’t answer.
    Call us at 760.536.3193 or email
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