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Why go with Top Tier for Your Business Event?

Top Tier Escape Rooms are incredible for corporate teambuilding events and business team outings. Here's what we focus on for your team:

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Our puzzles can't be done solo! They'll push your team to work together and trust one another as they navigate our 5-Star Escape Rooms.



Great communication is essential for great Escape Room Experiences, and it's learned naturally! Your team will build communication skills here that translate into the workplace.



Your team won't forget the fun they had at Top Tier! The experiential bond they'll form will have them laughing and reminiscing during next week's staff meeting!


Perfect for Your Team

  • All of our games are private, so you and your group will be the only ones in the games.

  • Up to 24 people can play simultaneously in our 3 highly reviewed experiences

  • Each escape room contains unique, distinct puzzles that allow different minds and personality types to shine and be recognized

  • We offer highly competitive large-group discounts - call us today!

Paige Miller, CA

This was my first escape room experience, and I had an absolute blast! Our game master was very upbeat and friendly. She quickly adapted to our group's play style and gave us guidance as much as we needed - no more and no less.
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