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Sci Fi / Adventure

Group Size

2 - 8 Players

You are the first team to officially test the new groundbreaking technology, Neurolink. With this technology, you are able to enter Dr Hyrun Mundst's subconscious, find his deepest fear, and destroy it. Can you escape the defense mechanisms of his mind?


This game has several moments of bright flashing lights. Please feel free to call or email for clarification if you have photosensitive epilepsy.

One player on your team must enter a dark, enclosed space. This game is NOT scary, but this one puzzle is confined with minimal lighting.

This is our newest, most high-tech room and it is a KEYLESS escape room. Every box, doorway, and secret passage will open automatically when players have correctly navigated the various puzzles and challenges.

*Players under the age of 15 must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian throughout the entirety of the game*

What are people saying about this game?

"We've done over 20 rooms all over the states and this is HANDS DOWN the best place!! Let me tell why! For one, the rooms are so creative and have such a mix of tech and good ol' fashion keys with locks. Their new room, Outside In, will blow your mind! How these people thought of all the details needed is just incredible!"

- Michelle C. , Google

"We played their new game Outside In as a group of three, and it was just bursting with creativity, taking some inspiration from one of my favorite Disney*Pixar films. The room is structured very interestingly with some surprises and unique senses based puzzles. It's linear and on the easy/medium side, so this room would be perfect for families and beginners alike."

- James L. , Yelp

"Not enough people talk about these rooms being as immersive and puzzle divergent as they should! Can easily say we’ve never seen some of these puzzle types which makes it so much more enjoyable! Outside In is all electronics with my favorite music/time updates.
I’m super excited to see what next comes out of the minds of the owners!"

- Shelby M. , Google

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