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Escape / Detective

Group Size

3 - 8 Players

After months spent undercover you are offered a promotion by the Yakuza leader, known only as The Serpent. You arrive at his lakeside safehouse but he's one step ahead of you. You are captured and handcuffed, with only one hour before he returns. Can you escape?

*Players under the age of 15 must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian throughout the entirety of the game*


This game is the same experience as Yakuza: Escape the Serpent. If you've already played Yakuza, this is the same game.

Players will start the game in handcuffs, requiring them to work together to escape. 

This is NOT a horror game. Nothing will jump out at you and nothing is designed to be scary.

Our goal is for everyone to have an exceptional time. Please call us for clarification if any of these game elements serve as an obstacle for you.

What are people saying about this game?

"My fiance and I have done over 50 rooms and had the pleasure of doing the Yakuza room with a group of friends and family. There are some clever puzzles and a surprising amount of tech utilized in creative ways. Fun times were had and we left the room energized."

- Gerardo P, Google

"Wow!! This was such a fun experience. It was our first time doing an escape room and it completely exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be going back to try the other room. I loved the creativity and story behind Yakuza and would recommend to anyone."

- Karina G, Yelp

"Our family of four had SUCH an incredible time at Top Tier. We have experienced quite a few other Escape Rooms here in the area and in different states, and our time spent at Top Tier stood above the rest. Highly recommend this place, we can't wait to come back!"

- Kiley S, Bookeo

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